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A bit about us: We are the Rahn's, vignerons (folks that farm vineyards for winemaking), scientists, artists and winemakers We designed, developed, manage, and farm all of the vineyards where we source the fruit and make our wines.  No bulk wines (left over  purchased from others) with our label on it.  Our hands are in the soil and a vintage worth of labor in every glass.  We are a real farm to glass experience.  


Rahn Estate: This was our first vineyard estate and home to our mountain Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards. Nestled in the mountains east of St. Helena in Napa Valley, at the crossroad of White Cottage and Old Howell Mountain Roads you will find us walking in our vineyards We designed and developed our vineyards according to the unique soils and climate (important parts of Terroir).  Special consideration was taken while choosing the Cabernet Sauvignon clones, rootstocks and trellis design.  Our vineyard was designed to produce classic Cabernet Sauvignon, wines with power and elegance 


Corvino Bosco: Our second estate vineyard, Corvino Bosco, is located in both the San Francisco Bay and Livermore Valley appellations.  Zinfandel (3 different clones), Primitivo, Grenache (a field selection from Napa Valley) and Mourvedre are planted here Again we designed and developed the vineyard with the soils and climate in mind.  We hand selected the perfect clones and rootstocks to fit the site.  We planted both a modern V-trellis and old world style head trained vineyards.  The wines express the terroir beautifully.     


What have we been up to recently?

October 2015
October Update: The time is here! The time of year we've all  be waiting for...harvest! Harvest is always a thrilling time for us. It's busy, crazy at times, and it's what we live for. It's time to let our grapes speak for the hard work we've put in, and we couldn't be more proud. This year has been an outstanding year. The energy is high and we're all in good spirits. Below is a great shot of our vineyard management team as they ride our newest tractor addition (we've appropriately named him klinkity clank) loaded with our Cabernet Sauvignon!


September 2015
September update: The grapes are gaining in sugar. We're diligently checking their brix level (sugar content) by using a refractometer- a handheld tool used to determine sugar concentration. We are also tasting the grapes. It is important to us that our grapes mature in both sugar accumulation as well as devolving mature rich flavors.  We taste our grapes regularly as they begin to ripen. This is how we are able to track the development of ideal flavors and the decline of unwanted flavors (green, grassy etc.)

July 2015
July Update: Verasion came early this year (the time of year our grapes get their color!) It's such an exciting time here. It's when we can really start to see the fruits of our labor-pun intended! We can't wait to see and taste our grapes as they continue to mature and begin to ripen.


June 2015

June Update: The vineyards have finished bloom and are now into berry set (we have baby grapes now!). It's an exciting time, watching the fruit grow in size and eventually get their color (or Veraison). Now is the time we diligently irrigate and continue to monitor the general health of our vineyards, and so far, things are looking fantastic!

                                  Baby Grapes!! (Post bloom, onset of berry set)

April 2015:
Part of the Rahn Estate team (Andrea, Hannah and Bryan) went to Fort Mason in San Francisco over the weekend of April 10th and 11th where we poured our wines.  The weather was gorgeous!  We had a chance to visit the farmers market set up in the parking lot before the event on Sunday. We bought great cheeses, breads, fresh fruit and even some dates.  We took our stash of treats in with us to help keep us fueled for the day.  Inside the event there were several vendors to provide plenty of great food (King Knish’s fares were tasty!).   We had an amazing time and met some friends, both old and new, and we were humbled to see our wines be so well received.  This was such an great experience, we’re planning on going back for the fall/harvest pouring in October!  We hope to see you there!