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2012 Red Table Cellars Zinfandel

Part Number RTC12ZN
2012 Red Table Cellars Zinfandel
2012 Red Table Cellars Zinfandel
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This wine has rich fruit flavors and hint of spice that every Zinfandel should posses. Four clones of Zinfandel were first co-fermented and then a kiss of Petite Sirah was added to produce this delicious wine. The grapes were grown on our Corvino Bosco vineyard near Pleasanton, California (San Francisco Bay Appellation). Corvino Bosco was custom designed to produce these special wines. Four Zinfandel clones (DuPratt, Deaver, Primativo Clone 3 and, Wine Creek) were selected for Corvino Bosco because of the flavor profiles that each individual clone imparts to the wine. The intertwining of these flavors is expressed in this Zinfandel. The fruit for this wine is grown in both our old world “head trained” vineyards and vineyards with our Modified –“V” trellis which adds complexity to the wine.